Message. Reach. Measure.

Keep a tight grip on your brand with our digital brand management solutions. You and/or your sales channels create brand controlled MESSAGEs (marketing material) that REACHes your intended target audience and is backed up by MEASURABLE reporting metrics.


mGroupLive is a brand asset management and ordering system that lets B2B and B2C companies and their sales channels create audience-specific marketing materials while ensuring a consistent brand message. Encompasses web development, hosting and completely supported solutions for "Marketing on Demand" & "Print on Demand" web portals.

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For customers that utilize various sales channels, The McCarthy Group’s mGroupLive division offers a multitude of online solutions for ordering, executing and delivering marketing campaigns.


The McCarthy Group has extensive experience in developing, operating, managing, and hosting sales channel marketing portals. We won’t deliver unsupported digital marketing platforms. That’s why too many marketing portals fail. What separates mGroupLive from pure software developers and print output providers is our “glue-ware” approach, mixing human touch and technology to provide fully supported solutions.

How mGroupLive can work for you:

      • We set up a branded e-commerce site for your sales channel to facilitate the ordering and management of direct marketing materials that fits your brand’s look and feel.
      • We develop branded templates that your sales/dealers/field personnel can use for their web, mobile and print campaigns.
      • You decide which brand elements (logos, typography, color schemes, imagery, parts of the copy, etc.) should be locked, so they cannot be edited by anyone without the authority to do so. This helps you maintain the integrity of your brand. 
      • Whether your users log in to the portal directly or through a corporate gateway, each user gets a unique access login, so they can upload and maintain their own contact/mailing lists and adapt the editable parts of the templates to the needs of their local market.
      • We provide all the hosting elements, content management, and support for your internal marketing staff/dealers and can also handle Co-Op requirements if needed.
      • By using the available reporting metrics, you can monitor your users’ creation and purchasing of ads, radio scripts, billboards, web banners, point-of-purchase kits, trade-show displays, and other branded marketing and promotional materials.
      • For the execution of online print campaigns, you and your network can take advantage of the experience and resources of The McCarthy Group’s mGroupProduction division.

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