We bring a problem-solving, consultative approach with a get-things-done attitude, and a knack for creating and maintaining order, so your brand can keep growing, online and off.

We bring value by helping our customers achieve success through our mix of technology and production expertise. We consider ourselves best utilized when we are positioned as an extension of your marketing department.

George and Adam’s father, Bud McCarthy, started McCarthy Graphics Services Inc. in 1978. We incorporated in 1983, and to reflect the evolving revolution of digital marketing services, we changed our name to The McCarthy Group. Our roots are steeped in mid-western values and include our four-decade long involvement in the heavily print-centric manufacturing basis of the Chicago area.

We recognized over 15 years ago, that the delivery of marketing messaging was rapidly evolving to digital formats. We evolved with this revolution of digital medium, along with how print and tangible deliverables can now support digital marketing campaigns. We support and compliment this digital revolution through a combination of our branded solutions (mGroupLive) and our marketing and production logistics services (mGroupProduction).

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